Main: (802) 334-5525
Address: 1670 East Main St., Newport, Vermont 05855

About MR. O'S

In 1981 with interest rates over 20%, Mr. O took a second mortgage on his home for 15 thousand dollars to start a new business. He found a location for the business in a small house-trailer on the property now occupied by a strip mall down the street from the current location and bought some inventory. In the first year, the business did not earn enough income to support a family so Mr. O took a second job working as an electrician while another family member at the time operated the business. Mr. O, when not working as an electrician, worked on increasing business and building a loyal customer base. After little more than a year, Mr. O was able to lease land across the street and build a log cabin to relocate the business. Mr. O’s stayed at the new location for 11 years and after land was purchased up the street, the entire log cabin was placed onto a flat-bed and trailered by truck to the location Mr. O’s now occupies. An addition, office, and indoor one-lane archery range have since been added to the original log cabin that make Mr. O’s the business it is today.

From Mr. O

I have owned and operated Mr. O's for almost thirty years, I treat every customer with the respect that they give me. I was taught by my late dad, that respect is the most important thing a person can have and with it, anything is possible.

About Mr. O

I have hunted and fished all my life. I shot my first deer with a rifle when I was 11 and my first deer with a bow at twelve. I have been lucky to have traveled and hunted in many of the States and Canada. I was a fishing guide for many years and also did some guiding for hunting. This experience has put me in a great position to have the knowledge to operate Mr. O's.